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Test mini link preview

Just a text page with a lot of links to test Mini Link Preview plugin on links.

December 4, 2022

Updating a metabox after Gutenberg update

When press on "Update" refresh a custom metabox under gutenberg editor.

Various DEV tools

Collection of links related to developers' stuff

December 2, 2022

Arduino links

Collection of links about projects and arduino community

November 1, 2022

Machine learning links

Collection of links about Machine Learning topic, built while studying ml

October 25, 2022

AdAdmin v.3.994

Version update out now.

October 20, 2022

AdAdmin 3.993: added support for crypto payments and more features

Coinbase commerce, user permissions flags and more improvements

September 6, 2022

Customize css styles in AdAdmin

To customize the css styles of your AdAdmin installation you have to create a custom theme. To create a custom…

June 17, 2022

AdAdmin add footer sticky banner

To add a footer sticky banner with AdAdmin software follow these steps: Create a new AdAdmin position Create a new…

April 16, 2022

AdAdmin vignette banner configuration

How to properly configure a vignette ads position in AdAdmin

April 12, 2022

AdAdmin ad scripts with document.write

Script banners that uses document.write javascript function doesn’t work anymore with AdAdmin positions since version v.3.85 (03/11/2020). This happens because…

March 9, 2022

AdAdmin 3.99 update, fallback filler option

In the version 3.99 of AdAdmin has been added support for fallback filler. The fallback filler is a banner already…

March 5, 2022

Use the same position multiple times to display ads in one page

If you need to reuse the same script position in a single page to display ads, be sure to change…

March 3, 2022

AdAdmin video banner examples

In this article you can find two HTML5 video banner templates that can be used in your AdAdmin installation. These…

January 29, 2022

Reti neurali, corso base (2/2)

Corso base su reti neurali, elenco slide:

June 16, 2021

Reti neurali, corso base (1/2)

Seconda parte

June 15, 2021

AdAdmin 3.98b update

Bug fixings and minor updates. Here is the list: Improvements to user manager tool, moved email field in user details.…

May 16, 2021


Come riciclare vecchi cellulari e rientrare in contatto con la natura

April 28, 2021

New webmaster user role in AdAdmin

In recent version 3.97 of AdAdmin software has been added a new user role: Webmaster. The Webmaster is the owner…

April 10, 2021

AdAdmin software update instructions

How to update AdAdmin software.

April 1, 2021

AdAdmin has some new features: sell banners with PayPal, vignette banners and new graphic interface!

A lot of code in the last two months brought AdAdmin in a new professional level in ad server software

February 4, 2021

Google Photos diventa a pagamento da giugno 2021

Google Photo non sarà più gratis senza limiti

January 10, 2021

Standard web banner size

Standard web banner sizes, both mobile and desktop (banner should be responsive).

December 5, 2020

AdAdmin, ad server with geo location

AdAdmin software is a full featured ad server that delivers ad banners to your websites. Last version has added support for location based marketing, with geo-location.

November 28, 2020

12 punti per scegliere il rivestimento conforme per il tuo PCB

Cos'è e come scegliere il rivestimento conforme (o conformal coating) quando si stampano i PCB

September 11, 2020

Stampare PCB per i progetti con Arduino non è difficile (parte II)

Tra i miglioramenti possibili, uno dei più affascinanti e complessi è passare dalla breadboard al circuito stampato, cioè passare dall'ammasso di fili e componenti saldati o precariamente connessi al supporto solido, professionale e compatto della scheda elettronica.

June 9, 2020

Count coloured cells on Google Sheets with reference

In a spreadsheet if you need to count cells based on their background you can use this code in Google…

May 22, 2020

Dalla breadboard al circuito stampato (parte I)

Stufo di saldare? Proviamo a fare i PCB

May 8, 2020

Come costruire un saturimetro

Come costruire un saturimetro rudimentale con Arduino, modificando un sensore KY-039 per il battito cardiaco.

April 25, 2020

Trasformazione di uno zaino vintage di Millet Walter Bonatti

Retrofitting di un vecchio zaino, hacking di un oggetto vintage, l'ho migliorato? O l'ho peggiorato?

February 9, 2020