Customize css styles in AdAdmin

To customize the css styles of your AdAdmin installation you have to create a custom theme. To create a custom…

June 17, 2022

To customize the css styles of your AdAdmin installation you have to create a custom theme.

To create a custom theme go in the AdAdmin data folder (normally it is amb/data dir).

Inside this folder there is directory called tema, which is the italian word for theme. So you can duplicate the tema folder and rename it as you want. For example call your copied folder mytheme.

After that, open the pons.settings.php file and change the line 44, which is this one:

DEFINE("DOMINIODEFAULT","tema");// graphic theme folder

change “tema” and place your folder name:

DEFINE("DOMINIODEFAULT","mytheme");// graphic theme folder

Now AdAdmin loads your files in this folder.

Inside your mytheme you will find some php files. For example here you can customize your layout-login-form.php, pay attention to not delete important code.

You can modify the stile.css file. Which, as you can see, it is empty. This css file is for your customization, it’s included all over the AdAdmin backoffice pages.


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