The Quantcast CMP broke my sites

A javascript error in CMP blocks my site.

Maggio 19, 2023

[UPDATE 19-05-2023] fixed in about an hour by Quantcast. But Quantcast has – without any doubt – the power to block our sites.

I use the Quantcast cookie platform on many sites, for me and for my clients to handle the Cookies after GDPR laws.

Since this morning (19/05/2023) the cookie policy pop up is blocked. Any click just highlight a link in the text.

You can’t close it or close it in any way, also by inspection tool, due to some javascript error related to the TCF platform.

For now the only basic solution for me was stop the script by adding this “return” statement at the beginning of their script.

Is there any other solution available?

I’ve tried to submit a help request to their staff but their CMP prevents the usage of their site.

I’ve checked if I have the last version (Tag 2.0) and it is.

CMP is a crucial element of the site

The CMPs are external tools that are quite mandatory if you use third party cookies, but this today issue really shows how important and crucial they are, since they could completely block your site.

What is a CMP in web cookies related process?

CMP stands for Consent Management Platform. It is a tool used to manage user consent for the use of cookies on websites. It allows website owners to obtain user consent for the use of cookies and other tracking technologies, as well as to manage user preferences for cookie settings.


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