Tracking clicks on links in text with AdAdmin

With version 4.0.4 you can use clickTag to track clicks everywhere.

Aprile 29, 2023

AdAdmin is an ads server made with PHP and MySQL, used by hundreds of sites. It can be used also to generate plain links to track clicks, for example, inside an article or a site.

From version 4.0.4 of AdAdmin it is available a new control to show the clickTag of the banner. The clickTag is simply a link that you can retrieve and use everywhere to remap the destination url of the banner and track the clicks. For example, you can use that link in an article on a blog, or in a post on a social network.

You have just to click the toggle to reveal the link and copy it:

Every click will be counted and it will be visible in your dashboard and in your banner list.

The link is also encrypted so that it can’t be modified, if a single char is changed the link will not work anymore.

Note (1): don’t forget to add rel=nofollow to your link to avoid search engine traffic.

Note (2): since version 4.0.4 an encryption key has been added in pons.settings.php file near line 75, you can change it to whatever you want: DEFINE("ENCRYPTIONKEY", "CHECKMEOUT-CHANGE-THIS");


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