Updating a metabox after Gutenberg updates

When press on “Update” refresh a custom metabox under gutenberg editor.

Dicembre 4, 2022

Javascript code to add in a WordPress metabox to trigger the refresh of the metabox content which doesn’t update after Gutenberg saving process.

	const appuntiStatusChange = ( function(){
		const isSavingMetaBoxes = wp.data.select( 'core/edit-post' ).isSavingMetaBoxes;
		var wasSaving = false;
		return {
			refreshMetabox: function(){
				var isSaving = isSavingMetaBoxes();
				if ( wasSaving && ! isSaving ) {
					alert("Post changed and saved, call your metabox refresh function here.");
				wasSaving = isSaving;
	wp.data.subscribe( appuntiStatusChange.refreshMetabox );


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