AdAdmin – Usage scenarios

Three different ways to use AdAdmin software to rotate and sell banners on web sites.

Settembre 14, 2023

You can decide to use the software in different ways:

1. You are the owner of a site and you need banners

Just one site, you are the owner of the site and you want to add banners (both selling or not).

With an administrator user you can create positions, get the Position scripts and add them to your site where you want banners to appear.

Then you can activate payments in Settings and sell banners to new users that have to register as Advertisers.

You can also manually create Advertisers users to help them start the process.

You can still add banners directly as Administrator without paying.

If you don’t want to activate payments, Advertisers can’t register. You have to create Advertisers manually and create banners for them. They can login and only see stats of the banners.

2. You are a Publisher with many sites

Publisher that owns many sites, you are the owner of all the sites. You can use an Administrator user to create Websites and Positions for each website.

Then you can activate payments in the Settings section and sell banners to new users that have to register as Advertisers. You can also create Advertisers users, you can still add banners directly as admin without paying.

Note: Advertisers can upload a banner in a Position and pay. If the Position is bound to a site the Advertiser can’t upload a banner that will appear in multiple sites. If you need to let Advertisers upload banners that go on different sites you have to use a Position without a Website (the process is described here).

3. Media company with many websites and webmasters

In this media companies scenario, you contact Webmasters and ask them to take part in your network.

They can also autonomously sign up.

With your Administrator user you create Webmaster users (or invite them to register), each webmaster can add as many websites as he wants. For each webmaster created you can decide a revenue share percentage. Both webmasters and administrators can create and edit Positions. Webmasters get the script code for each position and place them in their sites where they want ads to appear.

Then you can activate Payments in the Setting section and sell banners to Adverisers users. They have to register as Advertisers.

Each item sold is reported to Webmasters in a “Payments” section.

Remember that money go to the Administrator account placed in the Settings, a panel show to Webmasters the money they are earning based on the sharing percentage. You have to pay the Webmasters manually outside the software and confirm payments in the Payments section and Webmasters are notified.


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