New version of Mini Bots PHP Class (v.1.4)

I’ve added three more bots to the Mini Bots Php Class, now the version number is 1.4 and it has…

January 20, 2010

I’ve added three more bots to the Mini Bots Php Class, now the version number is 1.4 and it has these new features.

Follow the link, watch demos and download the class from the Mini Bots Php Class page:

  1. addeded twitterInfo method to retrieve the numbers of following, followers, and lists.
  2. addeded url2pdf method to convert and save locally a page to a pdf (thanks to service).
  3. addeded webpage2txt method to extract all the text from a url, stripping html but also scripts and styles.

What else do you need? Suggest some usefull small bots. Comment to suggest.


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  1. scvinodkumar says:

    Hi, great work. I would like u suggest, extracting images from content. It will be very userful for news sites…


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