New Facebook Invite all friends hack

So, you want to invote all your friends but the old hack doesn’t work anymore? With the last facebook friends…

September 14, 2011

So, you want to invote all your friends but the old hack doesn’t work anymore?

With the last facebook friends groups restyle the code trick to send invitation to all friends do not work anymore. Moreover, you’ve installed the last Firefox, and you can’t use anymore the url address bar to input javascript commands.

It was the same for me. But I’ve find this path to invite all your friends to your new brand facebook page, follow this steps.

1) Use Firefox 6.

2) Open your facebook fan page.

3) Click on “Invite friends”.

4) The grid of friends is opened.

5) Select “Search all friends” and scroll down, so all your friends are loaded.

6) Press Ctrl+Shift+K.

7) A firefox panel is opened on the top of the page, here you can put the javascript code (put the two lines in a single line):

for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){elms[fid].click();}}

This code will select eache friend and perform a click on it.

8) Press “enter”.

9) Wait the selecetion (it could take some minute).

10) Press “submit”.

Today (09/14/2011) it works.


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Comments on “New Facebook Invite all friends hack”

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  1. Raffaele says:

    Don’t work for me. Its select only enabled friends, but not disabled!

  2. Giulio Pons says:

    Did you scroll down in the facebook pop up to load all your friends?

  3. Danny V says:

    Tried it but Firefox says cant find server. would love to use all my other coads dont work. am I doing any thing wrong?

  4. AJ says:

    On Firefox: You get all the “clicks” but then when you try to send it it says “Please narrow your invite list to friends who are most likely to be interested in this event.

    If you’ve gotten this message in error, visit this form.”

    Yes, I am an admin of this event. Any workaround for this?

  5. Danny V says:

    yes it worked great… thanks man you rock

  6. Snowbird says:

    Worked for me..
    Thanks for the tip

  7. ROK says:

    from now… not invite all friend’s because, after submite code, facebook send a similar pop-up: “it’s not possibile invite all friends but only interested friends

  8. Varouj says:

    It’s ok for me.

  9. Fred says:

    it worked perfectly fine for me, thank you very much!!

  10. Fritz "e" says:

    The question here is not whether you can select all friend on a list. It’s the restriction that Facebook is putting on users to not able to send more than 10 or 5 selection at a time. So, having the code to select the entire list is useless if you are still getting that ridiculous message that you should be “inviting only people who’d be interested in attending your event”. That’s exactly what I am doing; using my created list of local people to invite them to a local event. Anyone knows how to get around this?

  11. abcrunk says:

    worked for me. thanks heaps bro!!

  12. Jake says:

    Worked! Awesome, thanks man!

  13. Gabby Hayes says:

    Works great in Firefox 7.0.1 Thanks much!

  14. Alo says:

    Sorry, but i don’t get the point.
    Have you noticed that it’s like 5-6 months that you do not recive any page suggestion in notification area? That’s because page suggestion do not work anymore.
    So select everybody is completly useless….don’t you think?

  15. Flavio says:

    Me funciono perfecto, lo que no había hecho era lo de presionar las teclas y escribirlos arriba… GRACIAS desde México, THANK YOU a lot from Mexico.

  16. Dawn says:

    As of October 7, 2011, this works!!!! YES

  17. santos says:

    works fine !!! great code , much faster then any other methods !

  18. Mark Guillou says:

    Works spot on for me sent about 400 in 1 go , excellent thank you

  19. Worked for me on Foxfire!!!!!! Sent 5000 invites!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  20. Harold Tan says:

    Thanks it really works

  21. Tom2002 says:

    hi there!

    a great script! but is there any option to re-invite friends who are disabled?
    As the invite function didn’t work for a very long time, a lot of my friends are disabled and didn’t receive any invitations for my fanpage.
    So i want to re-invite them, cause they never received a notification

    is there a possibility?
    thanks in advance

  22. Kamran says:

    today 17-10-2011 it works! even with firefox 7!

  23. dzon says:

    it worked for me for EVENT, but not for PAGE and GROUP? any help?

  24. Heather says:

    Didn’t work for me !!! Could someone help me out ??? TX

  25. yahoo says:

    amazing, it really worked! Firefox 6. be sure to put space between the two lines when you put them in one line and press enter

  26. Jezza says:

    Wicked, it worked! Thanks for this cos trust me I didn’t fancy going through all 4,900 friends everytime I had an event

  27. Mikayla says:

    it didn’t work..

  28. Justin says:

    Thanks it worked great!! Reminder for mac users its command+shift+k

  29. Alex says:

    Worked for me to! Thank you! PC user here.

  30. Adarsh says:

    Best code..! Works great on my page :)
    Thanks!! Got 6000 Likes! :D

  31. DAn Dion says:

    Need to use COMMAND-SHIFT K b/c I’m on a Mac, I guess, then worked like a charm.

  32. JD says:

    worked perfectly on 16/11/2011

    thanks alot saved me loads of time ;)

  33. Downtown Bend says:

    still working! Thank you!

  34. Adarsh says:

    Thnx!! You saved my life :) Works absolutely fine and is so easy!! :)

  35. Adriano says:

    No me sale, alguien que me lo escriba y me ayude !!! gracias…

    no function, help me

  36. Pascal says:

    Funzionna sempre! Grazie!

  37. bex says:

    FYI – Mac OSX users – the keys are “command” + Shift + K
    not control shift K.

  38. Bernard says:

    Does this work in a Page?? I think this only works in Events.

  39. Bernard says:

    I hope this will work. I’ll wait for a while.

  40. Andy says:

    Most excellent, thanks a lot for that!

  41. Wskar says:

    Thanks for this! :) Keep up the good work! ;)

  42. LilyN says:

    THANK YOU!!! Thank you!! Amazing! Perfect!

    Seriously, thanks!

  43. Anida says:

    thank you SO much! im glad i found this updated version because the other ones just werent!

  44. Matt says:

    It’s not working. It keeps saying to narrow my search. I narrowed it down to 20 before it worked again. Sort of defeats the point when I have 5,000 fans that I need to contact at once. I can’t do it 20 at a time.

  45. Gilo says:

    hehe it worked

  46. peter says:

    awesome! thank yoU! In Firefox, if you’re confused about step 6, just go to WebDeveloper and put in the code when the space comes up. woohoow!

  47. AlexDisco says:

    DECEMBER 2011, WORKS!!! in latest Firefox.
    I hit Ctrl+Shift+K, then typed in:

    elms=document.getElementById(‘pop_content’).getElementsByTagName(‘li’);for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === ‘object’){elms[fid].click();}}

    It froze for a second and asked for a captcha check for it worked :)
    2000 invites sent.
    Thanks a bunch!

  48. KS says:

    I do this and it redirects me to a google search page

  49. Brando says:

    Works, but like some others have said, FB says please narrow your list of invites to people who are interested. How the fucking fuck do i know if they are interested or not if i dont invite them!? Damn you facebook! Anyone know a work around for this?

  50. Ang says:

    Thank you so much! Works great! :)

  51. lisa gloria says:

    Works today! Awesome, thank you!! 5000 friends just invited to my page.

  52. Matt says:

    Hey this was working great up until last week and now, nothing happens. Did Facebook figure out what we were all doing and put a stop to it? Is there a new thing we can all do to Invite All Friends?

  53. Hjeffries says:

    Thank you! As of 2/20/2012 it still works flawlessly. Was able to send an event announcement to thousands at one time. Outstanding!

  54. yunk says:

    hey,it worked today(29 February 2011) using firefox 10…Thanks a lottt

  55. madmax says:

    As of today March 1st 2012 it still works. Thanks for the code.

  56. I was founding many sites on this hack. But this Works great on first try :) Thanks a lot for your contribution.

  57. shahrukh says:

    thank you dude very very tnqqqqqqqqqq

  58. Live Surfing says:

    Amazing! Thanks

  59. Katrina says:

    To open the web console in the latest version of Firefox on a Mac, the new shortcut it Command + Option + K

  60. Thanks says:

    Thanks so much! Works as of Mar 21st 2012

  61. William P. says:

    Worked perfectly for me! Thank you!

  62. jahnni says:

    super cool!

  63. terry says:

    OUTDATED. I don’t know how or when, but it seems FB has somehow cancelled the Invite Friends where a list of all your friends appear after clicking on the button. The only thing I got is a text box with instant predictive search result for friends depending on the first few letter you type in the letterbox. Unfortunately, it’s not comprehensive and it takes forever to add even just a few friends because I have to do them one by one. I have over 1200 friends and I can never tell if I invited all of them, especially that other members of my FB group have invited and are still inviting their own friends. I searched the whole web to no avail. Could FB engineers be so god damn sadistic as to make life so miserable for us?! Why would they cancel a function that seemed to be working perfectly to replace it with an archaic method that, compounded with other non-sensical functions, will eventually drive ppl away. I for one am on the verge of canceling my account and never looking back. FB, you suck! Anyone with a suggestion, please let me know.

  64. MMi says:

    Worked perfectly last week, on a MAC, but now the cntrl/command + shirft + K doesn’t work….
    Could anyone help, please!

  65. james says:


  66. green token says:

    [12:07:56.030] TypeError: document.getElementById(“pop_content”) is null

  67. Casey says:

    worked for me for the past 6mos. This no longer functions unfortunately.

  68. Chris says:

    does anyone know a code that work to add all friends?
    if someone know please reply to my email

  69. kresse says:

    seems, like it does not work anymore.

    worked fine in the before a month or two, but now, it doesn’t work. I changed nothing.

  70. Giulio Pons says:

    it seems that’s true. it doesn’t work anymore.

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