Modify list counter in :before pseudo class with jQuery using start attribute

Suppose you have two ordered list ol tags, and the second one has a start attribute. You also have in…

April 20, 2016

Suppose you have two ordered list ol tags, and the second one has a start attribute.
You also have in css a style on li:before to style the number:

ol li:before {
	content: counter(item);

If in the HTML you have two separate ol tags and the second with “start” attribute, it will not work, because content: counter(item) will start from 1 again.

To fix it you can use this javascript trick using jQuery to add apply start to the :before pseudo class element:

	if($(this).attr("start")) {
		var $q = parseInt( $(this).attr("start") );
		if($q>0) $q--;
			$(this).css("counter-reset","item " + $q);


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