Mini Bots PHP Class

This PHP class is a growing collection of small spiders and web bots that go out on the web and make some small useful jobs. This help builds your spider php script and brings new functionalities to your works. You can do very nice works with CURL using php and this class, this small web bots can be included in your works.

Actually the mini bots can do those things:

  1. Copy a remote url to your local server: copyFile
  2. Get IP address of the user: getIP
  3. Get geographic informations from IP address: ipToGeo
  4. Get spelling for a word using Google: doSpelling
  5. Make a Tiny URL using tiny url service: doShortURL
  6. Decode a short URL of any service: doShortURLDecode
  7. Check if an URL to an mp3 is really an mp3 file: checkMp3
  8. Check if an URL exists: url_exists
  9. Do SMTP email validation: doSMTPValidation
  10. Get infos of an URL (keywords, title, images, description, favicon…): getUrlInfo
  11. Get infos of a VIDEO URL (title, description, thumb for youtube and vimeo services): getVideoUrlInfo
  12. Read facebook counters for likes, shares, comments, clicks…: readFacebookCounters
  13. Read the numbers of time a URL has been twitted: readTwitterCounter
  14. Read Google +1s counter for an URL: readGooglePlusCounter
  15. Get Google suggested keywords for a keyword: googleSuggestKeywords
  16. Get Latitude and Longitude (georeference) from an address with Google: getLatLong
  17. Get Wikipedia definition: wikiDefinition
  18. Get Vimeo Info on a video: getVimeoInfo
  19. Get exchange rates, currency converter: getExchangeRateFromTo
  20. Get push notification on android devices: notifyNma
  21. Ping pingomatic services: pingomatic
  22. Get images by keyword with PicSearch: getImage
  23. Get images by keyword with Google: getImageGoogle NEW
  24. Get images and user data from an Instagram username: getInstagramPics
  25. Get detailed informations from an Instagram image url: getInstagramPic NEW
  26. Get twitter user data (followers/followings/avatar): twitterInfo
  27. Get a page, find links, find emails… and more methods for spidering.
  28. Get gravatar image from email address: getGravatar NEW
  29. Get Linkedin counter: getLinkedinCounter NEW
  30. Get Pinterest counter: getPinterestCounter NEW
  31. Get Google back links count for a domain: getGoogleBackLinks NEW
  32. Get Google number of indexed pages for a domain: getGoogleIndexedPages NEW

Future updates will bring new mini bots for you!

You can play with interactive demos here.

Here is a tutorial on how to build a spider.

You can watch complete demo and buy it on CodeCanyon:

Price: 7$

Here are some online tools made using this php class:


  1. how tu use your script

    hi i like your work but how to use it i m new to php, what i whould to do is to get link of first 3 image ( and medium size)

    $k = ‘demo';
    $images = googleGetImages($k, $quant = 3, $check = false)
    print_r $images;

  2. sampath

    I want to get latitude and longitude from address.
    The demo which you have shown is mapping exactly.
    Can you provide me the entire source.
    Im new to PHP and not able to link it.
    Please help me

  3. gary

    Do you ever tried to curl ?

    Looks impossible but i don’t know why….

    Love your bot class by the way


  4. monojit


    I want to use ‘Get images by keyword with Google: getImageGoogle NEW’ class. I have some queries which arise in my mind & need to know about from you.
    1. Am I able get the large images from google using keyword search ?
    2. Is there any limitation to get images from google using keyword search per day?

    please let me know

  5. Giulio Pons

    Hi, sorry for delay. For faster reply write me on Codecanyon!
    1. no, this mini bot crawls the output of google and returns only the small images (max 256×256 pixel I think).
    2. this script doesn’t use any google API, so there aren’t limits, but -probably- if you have thousands of user which make thousands of queries from your server to google server, they could detect your calls as made from a bot and they could block you.
    If you have many users you should ALWAYS save results locally and use the saved-copied version.

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