Clean up and optimize WordPress head tag

If you need to know how to remove RSS Feed URL’s from page head or how to remove post relational links from wp_head read this article! The way to modify the content in head tag is to use remove_action function and add_filter function to hook the original WordPress functions and modify the html. You have […]

How to bring back tweet counters

Twitter said that deliver the tweet count for every button is too complex (costs too much) and it’s not really a correct count, so they turned off the counters. A solution comes thanks to OpenShareCount, a service that bring back the counter through a twitter app which searches the tweets and counts the matches for your URL. Instructions To […]

Twitter counter no longer works

Since 20 of November 2015 the twitter button has changed. This is the new Twitter sharing button, as you can see there isn’t the tweets counter: Since 20 of November the old and private endpoint that were used by the official Twitter social button at the url no longer works. This means that you […]

Optimize WordPress, a long list of tips

In the above image you can see your WordPress before reading this post, and after the optimizations you will make after you read it. :) This article contains a lot of suggests to optimize your WordPress installation and make your site faster and better. Add cache to make WordPress faster The really important help for […]

Remove archive pages in WordPress, how to

I think that in most blogs (that is not all) archive pages are redundant content and there’s no need to make these pages available. So I’ve found a method to remove archive pages from WordPress without any plugin but with just a few lines of PHP code. To remove archive pages in WordPress to prevent […]

WordPress anyone can register, but no email confirmation

Many times it has happened to me that my WordPress installation properly send emails using wp_mail directly, specifing also the headers parameter with the proper From syntax followed by the email address. But when I use the “anyone can register” checkbox and try to register a new user from the url I don’t receive […]