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Retrofitting of a vintage Lael Tester from 1955

I’ve learned a lot of things by disassembling and changing the way an old tester works

March 1, 2017


An IoT light that works perfectly with your wp site, for bloggers, e-commerce and more

Mini Bots PHP Class

A powerfull PHP class to make a lot of small jobs in your programs, adds the power of mini-bots in your software


An easy to use adv solution with PHP and MySQL for all sites that need a software to rotate banners and handle adv positions across one or multiple domains

Custom Facebook Fan Gate

Fan gate is still the cheapest and fastest way for raising fans on your Facebook page

Top Social Stories

A WordPress plugin to completely monitor how your posts are shared on social networks and find the top stories and the top authors of your blog/magazine

Lazy Post WordPress Plugin

A tool for lazy bloggers