Force WordPress to use Italian date

To get date with get_the_time in Italian you should specify italian (it_IT) in the WP_LANG constamt in your wp_config.php file.…

November 21, 2014

To get date with get_the_time in Italian you should specify italian (it_IT) in the WP_LANG constamt in your wp_config.php file. If this doesn’t work (or if this affects your blog showing dates in italian where you don’t want them), there is always the fast DIRTY way. Put this function in your functions.php file and use where you need:

WordPress Date Italian

function getDataIta() {
	$s = strtolower( get_the_time( "j F Y" ) );
	$s = str_replace("july","luglio",$s);
	$s = str_replace("august","agosto",$s);
	$s = str_replace("september","settembre",$s);
	$s = str_replace("october","ottobre",$s);
	$s = str_replace("november","novembre",$s);
	$s = str_replace("december","dicembre",$s);
	$s = str_replace("january","gennaio",$s);
	$s = str_replace("february","febbraio",$s);
	$s = str_replace("march","march",$s);
	$s = str_replace("april","aprile",$s);
	$s = str_replace("may","maggio",$s);
	$s = str_replace("june","giugno",$s);
	return $s;


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