PHP google images mini bot

UPDATE 2013/12/12: Now, in the  Mini Bot Class there is a version of this function that is still working. You…

March 30, 2010

UPDATE 2013/12/12:
Now, in the  Mini Bot Class there is a version of this function that is still working. You can test it here.

This simply php function will retrieve the links of the images from Google Images searched with a keyword. The function just calls and parse the html to find the url of the images, in this case the urls are stored in the javascript, so the parsing doesn’t use any html tag to find data. It builds an array of urls and return it.

PHP google images search script

function getGoogleImg($k) {
	$url = "";
	$web_page = file_get_contents( str_replace("##query##",urlencode($k), $url ));

	$tieni = stristr($web_page,"dyn.setResults(");
	$tieni = str_replace( "dyn.setResults(","", str_replace(stristr($tieni,");"),"",$tieni) );
	$tieni = str_replace("[]","",$tieni);
	$m = preg_split("/[\[\]]/",$tieni);
	$x = array();
	for($i=0;$i<count($m);$i++) {
		$m[$i] = str_replace("/imgres?imgurl\\x3d","",$m[$i]);
		$m[$i] = str_replace(stristr($m[$i],"\\x26imgrefurl"),"",$m[$i]);
		$m[$i] = preg_replace("/^\"/i","",$m[$i]);
		$m[$i] = preg_replace("/^,/i","",$m[$i]);
		if ($m[$i]!="") array_push($x,$m[$i]);
	return $x;


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    Nice function :)

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    Content like this is a good example of properly written informational material It’s easy to read and the points are stated in an intelligent way.

  3. luis says:

    actually is broken this method, please re write it

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