Mixing bots to gain new services

Spiders and bots let you take services from other web sites, this could be very cool, but also this could…

February 15, 2010

Spiders and bots let you take services from other web sites, this could be very cool, but also this could become a problem (you are using stuff made from other people, is it correct? they know what you’re doing, are there any bandwidth problems you can cause? are your bots ok with copyright?).

Well let’s go over all this problems and try to make spider’s work even more cool: you can mix two or more spiders to create something new, in this example I’ve mixed geographic ip reference bot and meteo bot to get a meteo service localized for the user who connect at your site.
This is a geographic meteo as the ones you can find on smartphones.

Have you any ideas about other mix you can do? You can grab restourants and show localized restourants, shops… There are many applications that do this on iPhone… the problem is, how much good is the result, and this depends on how good are the sources. But this geo mixes already sounds old, we have to find new mixex.


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