How to bring back tweet counters

Twitter said that deliver the tweet count for every button is too complex (costs too much) and it’s not really a correct…

November 24, 2015

Twitter said that deliver the tweet count for every button is too complex (costs too much) and it’s not really a correct count, so they turned off the counters.

A solution comes thanks to OpenShareCount, a service that bring back the counter through a twitter app which searches the tweets and counts the matches for your URL.


To bring the counter back in Top Social Stories plugin (and also in Social Pop Widget) update the plugin with the last version from CodeCanyon, than go to OpenShareCount site and signup for a new account. You must have a Twitter account and you have to specify your website URL when you register.

The Top Stories/Social Pop updated plugin will fetch counters data from OpenShareCount for each URL, and their app will search Twitter to find sharing tweets count.

  1. Update your plugin (Top Stories/Social Pop)
  2. Open OpenShareCount site
  3. Sign up



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