WPLight instructions

How to turn on and easy configure your WPLight

These are the steps to use the WPLight IoT device when you receive it.

  • Connect the WPLight to power.
  • The WPLight will pulse and is waiting for configuration.
  • To configure the light use your smartphone to find it in the available wifi networks. It’s called WPLIGHT-XXXXXXX (the X are numbers).
  • Choose the WPLight wifi network and you’ll be redirected to its configuration page.
  • Insert your wifi credentials to let the WPLight access Internet and the URL of your WordPress site. Press “Save”.
  • The WPLight now is configured and it will try to connect to your site.
  • Download and install this plugin to your WordPress.
  • Go in the WPLight plugin settings and choose how to make the WPLight work.

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