An IoT light that works perfectly with your wp site, for bloggers, e-commerce and more

Internet of Things light for WordPress and IFTTT

The WPLight is a wifi light connected to your WordPress site, that is to say an IoT (Internet of Things) device for WordPress.

Designed with love, in Italy by Andrea Barra.

Example usage for WPLight

You can make it blink with events on your WordPress site, here are just some examples:

  • make it blink when there are pending comments to approve
  • make a blink everytime someone share your contents
  • make it blink when you have plugin and WordPress core updates
  • make it blink when there are new orders in your e-commerce

It can work both as an alert, and as an event monitor. You can also simply turn it on or off.

You can buy the WPLight on Tindie.com, starting at 28$.

IFTTT and more, for developers

If you’re a developer you can create your custom rule to work with your WPLight.

If you know what is IFTTT you can also use the WPLight with IFTTT and create triggers using the Maker channel and the Thingspeak.com IoT data hosting service.

You can also make your own rule in WordPress following these API specifications.


I sell on Tindie

WPLight instructions

How to turn on and easy configure your WPLight

Talking with WPLight API

API documentation to use WPLight with your software

Use WPLight with IFTTT

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