Standard web banner size

Standard web banner sizes, both mobile and desktop (banner should be responsive).

December 5, 2020

Here is a table with recommended values for size and weight that should be respected when you create ads positions in your sites.

You can see some examples here, in the test page of our AdAdmin software.

728 x 90Leaderboard*50 KB320×5020 KB
970×250Masthead*150KB320×10040 KB
300 x 250Square / MPU*50 KBok50 KB
250 x 250Square40 KBok
160 x 600Skyscraper60 KBDeprecated
500×350Overlay100 KB320×480100 KB
240 x 400Fat Skyscraper100 KBok
500×350Intrapage100 KB320×480100 KB
234 x 60Half Banner30 KBok
180 x 150Rectangle30 KBok
125 x 125Square Button30 KBok
728×90Footer 50 KB320×5020 KB
common and standard banner sizes

The formats marked with an * are considered standard (at least in Italy), and are very often considered standard also the mobile version.

How to insert an Intropage responsive banner in AdAdmin

All of this sizes can be implemented within AdAdmin software. The responsive banners are ready to use with templates feature in AdAdmin software:

In the image above is shown the creation of an Intropage banner in AdAdmin. After title/campaign/link (etc.) fields:

  1. Choose script/template banner
  2. Choose intropage from the templates
  3. Upload the first image of 320×480 pixels for mobile
  4. Upload the second image of 500×250 pixels for desktop


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