New webmaster user role in AdAdmin

In recent version 3.97 of AdAdmin software has been added a new user role: Webmaster. The Webmaster is the owner…

April 10, 2021

In recent version 3.97 of AdAdmin software has been added a new user role: Webmaster. The Webmaster is the owner of one or more sites where you (Administrator) want to put banners.

Let’s see how you can use this new profile.

A user with Webmaster profile can’t sign up autonomously to AdAdmin software, but it’s created by an Administrator user. So you have create a webmaster user from “Users” section and then you have to send him the credentials to login.

The creation of a webmaster user by an Administrator.

A webmater is a partner that works with the Administrator, he owns a site and he wants to sell banners through your AdAdmin advertising platform.

AdAdmin allows you to admit webmasters and to share revenues with them. You can decide a revenue share percentage for each website.

Once the webmaster is logged in he can create websites, and for each website he can creates positions (ad zones).

Website creation

As administrator you can decide to create websites and some banner positions for him, this could be useful the first time. When you create a site, remember that only the administrator can edit and modify the revenue share percentage field:

The website form as seen by the administrator. A webmaster can’t see nor edit the revenue share field and the webmaster select option.

As a webmaster I’ve found a limit that only the Administrator could add positions, so in AdAdmin I’ve given this feature also to the webmaster. He is able to decide how many ads positions and the dimensions for each position. This give him a lot of control on its site.

For example, if you are a webmaster probably you want to place an ad with non standard dimensions in your homepage, and you want to sell it with CPD (Cost per day), because it’s an important page but with a small number of views. But this it’s not possible because in many software only Administrators can create zones, and they do not understand why you need such a non standard ad position. With this software you can.

Position creation (ad zone)

The create position form. Also the webmaster can edit these details.

Both the administrator and the webmaster can create Positions. Each position can be sold in with a specific model:

  • CPM – cost per mille (cost per thousand) impressions
  • CPC – cost per click
  • CPD – cost per day

When a position of a website is marked as available for purchase it appears in the selling process when the Advertiser choose the position:

Detail of the select combo position during the banner creation for the Advertisers. They will see only the positions marked as available for selling.

Payments log

When Advertisers buy banners, money are payed through PayPal to Administrator.

AdAdmin doesn’t handle automatically payments to Webmaster, but keeps track for every sold item and let the Webmaster see a log with every transaction (enough details, but not the buyers data).

Everytime a banner is sold a mail is sent to Administrator to tell him to approve the banner to complete the process, and a mail is sent to the Webmaster of that site to inform him of the sold.

When the Administrator approves the banner a mail is sent to Advertiser to confirm that its banner is online, and a mail is sent to Webmaster to tell him that the banner is online and he has earned some money.

When Administrator wants, he can see in the Payments section that he amount of money that the webmaster has earned and make the payment outside AdAdmin software.

Here is am example of payment log as can be seen by the webmaster:

A payment log.

Here is the detail in the picture for better readability:

2021-04-01 20:22:49 payment record created. Amount is 0 $.
2021-04-01 15:22:01 Banner #59 sold for 100.00 $. Possible webmaster revenue of 80.00 $ (80%).
2021-04-01 17:10:36 Banner #59 approved. Added 80.00 $ (80% of 100.00 $) to webmaster revenue.
2021-04-02 20:29:17 Banner #60 sold for 500.00 $. Possible webmaster revenue of 250.00 $ (50%).
2021-04-02 20:31:46 Banner #60 approved. Added 250.00 $ (50% of 500.00 $) to webmaster revenue.
Administrator has paid the webmaster

As you can see every step is tracked.

When the Administrator mark the payments log as paid he has to pay the Webmaster, and this payment must be made manually by administrator outside AdAdmin software.

The Webmaster will receive an email when the Administrator marks a payment as paid.


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