Flat people user avatar generator

Another avatar generator that creates avatar from a string, simply. Avatar generated are flat graphics and can be used in your community, especially for anonymous users. You can use the url with a string generated for every user directly in the image src attribute. [try flat hash avatar generator]

Avatar generator ROBOT

You can use this tool instead of gravatar one to generate avatars for users (especially for nonymous users). It works simply by adding a string after the url of the service to get an image with the unique avatar corresponding to that string. [robot avatar generator here]

Image to data URI converter

You can use this tool to convert small images in data URI and place the data directly inside the src attribute of the image tag. This helps speed page because the browser doesn’t make a new connection to download image but found data already in the page. You can also use the encoded data to […]

Make pixel patterns with CSS

If you want to create pixel patterns that repeats nicely with just CSS and use them in background, you can use this free tool online. With a pencil and colors you can turn on and off pixels and create a pattern to use in CSS style. It’s very easy to use and can also be […]

CSS3 generator

Here is the link to a CSS 3 generator to use when you have to specify multiple css rules for different browser. It can be used to werite css rules for Border Radius, Box Shadow, Text Shadow, RGBA, Font Face, Multiple Columns, Box Resize, Box Sizing, Outline, Transition, Transform, Flexbox and Gradient. Choose Something and go! [Online CSS3 generator […]