Mini Bot Class Updated

Now there are 17 bots included in this class!
Well I’ve updated the mini bots class with some new things: you can now retrive the list of videos from a Youtube user, you can retrieve the images return by Google Images when searched with a query and I’ve added some function to handle Twitter account through its API (great API!), so you can read user info, post a status update and get the list of your last posted stuff.

Here is a short description of the class:
This class can be used to perform useful actions using Web services.
It can send requests to several different types of servers to perform actions like:
– Get text phrase correct spelling using Google search spelling suggestions
– Get exchange rates from Banca di Italia site
– Get weather forecasts from Google
– Get shorter URLs using TinyURL
– Get the geographic location of a given IP address using GeoIPTool
– Validate an e-mail address connecting to its SMTP server
– Update Facebook status
– Update Twitter status
– Get Twitter statuses update list for a user
– Get Twitter user info
– Get list of Youtube videos uploaded by a user
– Get list of images return from Google Images searched by a query
– Copy remote files to your server
– Make a pdf from a webpage
and more…

Anything to say?

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