Ping services with PHP

Ping-o-matic is a service that calls (ping) server engines and popular services to notify them that you have new contents on your site. This will help you to get your pages indexed on that servers and so it should increase your traffic.
I don’t know if this system works, but it’s implemented also in any wordpress installation, so telling Ping-o-matic that you have new contents should be a good thing. :-)
I’ve searched the web for a function to do this with php, but I didn’t found it and I’ve decided to write it by myself.

Ping-o-matic as many other services works with XML-RPC protocol, the acronym means XML Remote Procedure Call. That is to say that you can call some servers and tell them to execute some action remotely. In this case we use XML-RPC protocol to call Ping-o-matic and tell him: “EHY! I’ve updated my site, here is the link!“.
Ping-o-matic take this link and send it to many other popular services.

The complex part, for me, was understing XML-RPC rules and build the correct headers to call the service. The call is made with fsockopen php function. Here is the function that will be added to the next version of Mini Bot Class.

 $title contains the title of the page you're sending
 $url is the url of the page
 $debug true print out the debug and show xml call and answer
 the output is an array with two elements:
 status: ok / ko
 msg: the text response from pingomatic
function pingomatic($title,$url,$debug=false) {
	$content='<?xml version="1.0"?>'.
		' <methodName></methodName>'.
		'  <params>'.
		'   <param>'.
		'    <value>'.$title.'</value>'.
		'   </param>'.
		'  <param>'.
		'   <value>'.$url.'</value>'.
		'  </param>'.
		' </params>'.

	$headers="POST / HTTP/1.0\r\n".
	"User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9.1) Gecko/20090624 Firefox/3.5 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)\r\n".
	"Content-Type: text/xml\r\n".
	"Content-length: ".strlen($content);

	if ($debug) nl2br($headers);

	$response = "";
	$fs=fsockopen('',80, $errno, $errstr);
	if ($fs) { 
		fwrite ($fs, $request); 
		while (!feof($fs)) $response .= fgets($fs); 
		if ($debug) echo "<xmp>".$response."</xmp>";
		fclose ($fs);
		preg_match_all("/<(name|value|boolean|string)>(.*)<\/(name|value|boolean|string)>/U",$response,$ar, PREG_PATTERN_ORDER);
		for($i=0;$i<count($ar[2]);$i++) $ar[2][$i]= strip_tags($ar[2][$i]);
		return array('status'=> ( $ar[2][1]==1 ? 'ko' : 'ok' ), 'msg'=>$ar[2][3] );
	} else { 
		if ($debug) echo "<xmp>".$errstr." (".$errno.")</xmp>"; 
		return array('status'=>'ko', 'msg'=>$errstr." (".$errno.")");

Anything to say?

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WordPress comments:

  1. Implemented this script in my blog to ping with every new post.
    It works like a charm !!

    Thank you for sharing this code!

  2. Made some small changes (pingomatic to feedburner) and now the script pings feedburner as well.
    Guess it can be used for more services.

    It’s a great script. I made a blogpost about this at . It’s in Dutch so you might gain some fame in the Netherlands :-)

    Thanks again!

  3. yeah! it works! I even had it converted using curl… :)
    btw there’s a little question i had in mind about the return xml from pingomatic…
    when the ping is successful, pingomatic replied with xml which contain “Pings being forwarded to 13 services!”…what I have no idea with is the 13 services.. what services exactly those 13 really are? I’ve been searching the internet about that but no luck..
    Do you know what it is? or anyone know?

    thanks & regards,

  4. Hello!Thanks a lot for this amazing script.I just have some questions.. because I cannot make it run.Does this script work with any website?Could you please provide some install instructions because I don’t have too many knowledges about php.Where to add the title and the url?Thank you!!!

  5. Will it automatically publish content to pingomatic, Whenever a new post is published?
    Or we have to run this script everytime.

  6. finally.. 2 years ago, i was searching some methods to ping for my blog script, but i didn’t find it and i stop my own php blog project,, but now, there’s a hope to rebuild my script.. thanks dude… :D

  7. I have about 40000 posts in my wordpress and want to use this script in a loop that sends the title and the url of the page to pingomatic.

    Would this be a stupid thing to do? I am new to coding and SEO so pardon my ignorance.

  8. Thanks for the script, it worked flawlessly by just plugging in the URL and Title, :).

    I’ll be adapting it for my project though to allow it to ping multiple sites instead of just the one, but this was perfect for giving a framework.

  9. Run your script use function pingomatic($title,$url,true) this get me:

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: nginx Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2012 07:36:54 GMT Content-Type: text/xml;charset=utf-8 Content-Length: 344 Connection: close flerror0 messagePings being forwarded to 9 services!

    [status] => ok
    [msg] => Pings being forwarded to 9 services!

    but I can not find my result as Ping live from on the how can i know your script has worked?

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