How to bring back tweet counters

Twitter said that deliver the tweet count for every button is too complex (costs too much) and it’s not really a correct count, so they turned off the counters. A solution comes thanks to OpenShareCount, a service that bring back the counter through a twitter app which searches the tweets and counts the matches for your URL. Instructions To […]

8 rules to become a better developer

I’ve found this article by Shawn McCool and I think it’s good for every developer, if you’re an expert probably you will know everything, if you’re a beginner you will be a better developer by following these advices as new year resolutions for 2014: 1. Learn from advanced engineers. 2. Learn technologies that are specifically […]

Programming with CodeIgniter MVC

Codeigniter (aka CI) is an MVC framework that helps you building websites. You don’t know what is MVC? Bad. It’s a way of writing code that try to split software in three pieces: Models, which is the part that deals with your site entities, and held the classes that describes your site domain. Views, which […]

W3tc plugin feed problem

When your WordPress site has a great number of requests it could happen that your server can’t handle all the requests and can become very slow, rising errors, getting timeouts and -at last- can stop working. This happens because your WordPress site make a lot of work to render a page. To avoid those problems, usually, […]

10 htaccess usefull tips

The “.htaccess” is a configuration file that works at directory level on the web servers (on Apache, not on Microsoft IIS). The “ht” letters of “htaccess” stand for “hypertext”. Like the “ht” letters of the “http” protocol. With the htaccess file you can do many usefull things, such as redirecting users to different pages and […]