PHP Geocoding function, from address to coordinates lat long

This is a small function included in the Minibots Class that converts an address to a couple of coordinates Latitude, Longitude that can be used to place a marker on a map. This function uses Google’s geocoding service called with the file_get_contents function (CURL not needed). The result is decoded with a preg_match call that […]

Full Screen GControl for Google Maps

Use with phoogle modified class: (see an example here) To use it in the phoogle modified class just turn it on by setting to true the showFSbutton propertie and include the fsaddon.js and the famous prototype.js file. To make this control work you also have to call the html element that contains the map “mapcontainer” […]

Phoogle Modified Class for Google Maps

I was looking for a php class to use on to geo reference band, festivals, labels and other stuff. I found a pretty good one, named Phoogle. This class is easy to connect with db or other stuff, but there isn’t support for customizing the google map markers. So I wrote an Icon class […]