How to Fan Gate a page in wordpress?

You can use my plugin, which is totally custom for layout (you can change the image of the pop up and place the controls where you want on it). It’s the fan-gate that is working on this site. It can also track the history of likes gained and makes and interactive charts like this: You […]

Updated version of the the Facebook Connect Tutorial

I’ve written un updated version of the Facebook Connect Tutorial, you can find it in the top menu of This tutorial shows you how to create an app on the facebook developer site and how to integrate the facebook php libraries to develop the login process on your site.

How to read facebook likes count from PHP

When you add facebook like button to your site, probably, you also want to save the number of likes of your pages to your database.These data are very useful and very important because they tell you which of your articles are better than others. Moreover, these pages are better than others because the user has […]

New Facebook Invite all friends hack

So, you want to invote all your friends but the old hack doesn’t work anymore? With the last facebook friends groups restyle the code trick to send invitation to all friends do not work anymore. Moreover, you’ve installed the last Firefox, and you can’t use anymore the url address bar to input javascript commands. It […]