Image to data URI converter

You can use this tool to convert small images in data URI and place the data directly inside the src attribute of the image tag. This helps speed page because the browser doesn’t make a new connection to download image but found data already in the page. You can also use the encoded data to […]

Make pixel patterns with CSS

If you want to create pixel patterns that repeats nicely with just CSS and use them in background, you can use this free tool online. With a pencil and colors you can turn on and off pixels and create a pattern to use in CSS style. It’s very easy to use and can also be […]

CSS3 generator

Here is the link to a CSS 3 generator to use when you have to specify multiple css rules for different browser. It can be used to werite css rules for Border Radius, Box Shadow, Text Shadow, RGBA, Font Face, Multiple Columns, Box Resize, Box Sizing, Outline, Transition, Transform, Flexbox and Gradient. Choose Something and go! [Online CSS3 generator […]

Modify wp_query for a specific category in category.php

Suppose you have a category called “events“, with a custom field with the date of the event, which is different from the post date. If you want to order the loop based on that field, only for that “events” category, you can do as follow. Place it in category.php, at the beginning (or before the […]

Custom get_avatar function for WordPress

This is the raw version of a function that picks the avatar of a user in a specific directory instead of the Gravatar image. A nice feature of this custom get avatar function is that if the file in the directory doesn’t exist for the user, it returns the normal Gravatar WordPress output, so you […]

Clean up and optimize WordPress head tag

If you need to know how to remove RSS Feed URL’s from page head or how to remove post relational links from wp_head read this article! The way to modify the content in head tag is to use remove_action function and add_filter function to hook the original WordPress functions and modify the html. You have […]

How to bring back tweet counters

Twitter said that deliver the tweet count for every button is too complex (costs too much) and it’s not really a correct count, so they turned off the counters. A solution comes thanks to OpenShareCount, a service that bring back the counter through a twitter app which searches the tweets and counts the matches for your URL. Instructions To […]