WPLight, a deeper look inside the project

After a week of my WPLight crowdfunding campaign I need to better describe how developers will be able to talk with my Internet of Things lamp. When I was uploading the project I thought that I need to talk mainly to bloggers, e-commerce owners and non-tech site owners. But most of the discussions I have had […]

Flat people user avatar generator

Another avatar generator that creates avatar from a string, simply. Avatar generated are flat graphics and can be used in your community, especially for anonymous users. You can use the url with a string generated for every user directly in the image src attribute. [try flat hash avatar generator]

Avatar generator ROBOT

You can use this tool instead of gravatar one to generate avatars for users (especially for nonymous users). It works simply by adding a string after the url of the service to get an image with the unique avatar corresponding to that string. [robot avatar generator here]