ASP Function to count files in a folder

This ASP function counts files of a specified extension inside a folder: this is done by creating a file system object, open folder and scan files for matching the extension. The match of the extension is made without regular expression but using string functions: Right, Len and Ucase.

Function countFiles(path,ext)
	Dim fs, folder, c
	c = 0
	Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
	Set folder = fs.GetFolder(path)
	For Each item In folder.Files
		If UCase(Right(item.Name, Len (ext))) = UCase(ext)) Then c=c+1
	countFiles = c
End Function

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WordPress comments:

  1. Great snippet, except it does not work. There is a syntax error within the IF statement with one too many closing brackets…

    UCase(ext)) Then c=c+1
    should read:
    UCase(ext) Then c=c+1

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