ASP equivalent to PHP strip_tags

I’ve found those functions around in the internet and I put them here just to remind how to strip tags with ASP. In ASP there isn’t an equivalent of PHP strip_tags function, so, here there are two function that do this with regular expressions. The first function strips anything: The second one has an “allowed […]

ASP Function to count files in a folder

This ASP function counts files of a specified extension inside a folder: this is done by creating a file system object, open folder and scan files for matching the extension. The match of the extension is made without regular expression but using string functions: Right, Len and Ucase.

ASP web bot that get exchange rates

Thanks to Bank of Italy (Banca d’Italia), there are free exchange rates data that are easy to retrieve and parse, here is the code of a mini webbot written in ASP that goes out on Bank of Italy site, get the exchanges rates and print them. It’s very easy to customize and use it (since […]