Mini Bot Class Updated

Now there are 17 bots included in this class!
Well I’ve updated the mini bots class with some new things: you can now retrive the list of videos from a Youtube user, you can retrieve the images return by Google Images when searched with a query and I’ve added some function to handle Twitter account through its API (great API!), so you can read user info, post a status update and get the list of your last posted stuff.

Here is a short description of the class:
This class can be used to perform useful actions using Web services.
It can send requests to several different types of servers to perform actions like:
- Get text phrase correct spelling using Google search spelling suggestions
- Get exchange rates from Banca di Italia site
- Get weather forecasts from Google
- Get shorter URLs using TinyURL
- Get the geographic location of a given IP address using GeoIPTool
- Validate an e-mail address connecting to its SMTP server
- Update Facebook status
- Update Twitter status
- Get Twitter statuses update list for a user
- Get Twitter user info
- Get list of Youtube videos uploaded by a user
- Get list of images return from Google Images searched by a query
- Copy remote files to your server
- Make a pdf from a webpage
and more…

  1. Mini Bots PHP Class
  2. PHP google images mini bot
  3. Do spelling using google spell checker
  4. PHP bot to grab meteo information from Google
  5. New version of Mini Bots PHP Class (v.1.4)

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